About us

Legacy Studios Tattoo has some of the best Award Winning and Traditional Tattoo artists expanding our brand to 3 Studio locations in Australia and Bali each striving to achieve the most sterile tattooing environment we can ensuring each studio abides by the same Hygiene standards we pride ourselves in.

All of our Artists and Management team from each location keep in contact with each other which combined with our loyal clientele make up the Legacy Family we have today and continue to expand into the Future.

We customise and can create any design you like using the latest editing software and drawing tablets making it easier for the client to get the design they want. 

Big or small any of our Locations can cater to your requirements and make the experience enjoyable, safe and leave you with a Tattoo you can be proud of.

Booking ahead via the studios online Messenger is the most reliable method or you can email LegacyStudios6000@gmail.com.